GR19 welcomes you to the 19th International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation (GR19) to be held in Mexico City, from 5-9 July 2010.


Mexico City, from 5-9 July 2010

On behalf on the entire staff working for the GR19 conference we want to welcome you to the 19th International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation (GR19) to be held in Mexico City, from 5-9 July 2010. GR19 will be the latest in the series of triennial international conferences held under the auspices of the International Society on General Relativity and Gravitation. It represents the principal international conference for scientists working in the various areas of Relativity, Gravitation, and related topics.


News & Updates from the Engineering World

Recently some of the team members and folks who helped work on the GR 19 conference had the opportunity to visit with eBonsella which is a contract manufacturing california business which works with clients from all over the USA. The GR19 team enjoyed learning more about contract engineering and specifically the product development in california services which this company provides. Thanks to all who attended.

The GR19 team is at it again. We are currently working on some high level math that will help us calculate the frequency of individuals that monitor their credit score through credit report sites and their propensity to participate in stocks and bonds investing using stock trading sites. The theory being argued is that indivduals who monitor their credit scores are actually risk averse and therefore will not participate in stock trading activites with personal funds. This project will be run over the next several months and is funded by a goverment agency. Please check back for more updates.

We at GR19 have been researching affordable ways for the average American to "green" their homes and last week we were visited by our friends at Doctor Energy Smart®. Their New Jersey-based spray foam insulation service, which has received the highest R-value insulation score, not only saves on energy costs but improves air quality and strengthens building structure. For spray foam insulation in New Jersey, GR19 recommends looking no further than Doctor Energy Smart®. The tested closed-cell spray foam can be applied to problem areas or used to seal an entire building. Customers are guaranteed a greener, more cost-effective home without having to change their lifestyle.

GR19 likes to explore a variety of topics and to keep you informed on all opportunities provided for you. When one thinks of technology, most people tend to think of computers and the internet. Many businesses can be found online and many are trying to find their place in it. One big niche that you have probably engaged in is ecommerce, which in layman's terms is just a store online. It's hard not to get involved in online shopping, whether it's for clothes, tires, or even mp3s, the options are endless. You may be thinking of taking your own business online and are in need of a solution that's easy enough to understand and use like lead commerce software. It may seem daunting at first, but it is feasible and possible. Placing your business online is a great, if not better way, to connect with consumers, especially with those far beyond your reach if you were just another brick-and-mortar. Look into the many possibilities and find your spot on the internet.